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Isn’t it interesting how a little shift in perspective can change everything?

So much of how our lives go is based on how we think about things.

I think my life is busy until we have our wonderful friends (who are the most beautiful and fabulous family!) come for a visit…  The most darling 16 month old (walking and climbing!) twins, Jillian and Winston and three-year old Amelia, the most beautiful princess (with princess glasses to boot!).

Just like that, my life seems like an incredibly easy cakewalk.

Just today, I was talking with my best friend of 25 years (am I really old enough to have a friend for that long??) about how powerless I felt at the moment to contribute to our finances (which is totally new for me).  I have been a “working” mommy for most of my mommyhood.

Here were her words:

“The power right now is not you making money, the real power is in everything else that you are doing.” 

Huh.  Amazing what a little perspective will do.

With that, I feel so much better and although I am still not in a position to contribute, I realize that I am changing our future, in a different way.

I feel so much better.  Whew.

Sometimes you also need your best friend to tell you (in not so many words) that you are just being plain silly.  She said it so lovingly though 🙂

How can you change your perspective to see things in a different way?

Happy Friday! 

Until next week,