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I think I have mentioned that I am a big fan of “soul searching”, personal growth, and I completely believe that we can create our own lives and destiny in so many ways.

Enter… The Vision Board.

I have had my Vision Board hanging on my wall for the last 4 years.  I made it one afternoon when I was pregnant with Maddox after watching Oprah.  The instructions were to go through various magazines and books and find things that appealed to you without really thinking about why.

This is what I came up with.

We didn’t find out Maddox’s sex, so this one I always find to be kinda cool… I guess I just knew he would be a boy!  You see the goodies down there too??

 Who’s this little lady??  Huh…..   Create.  the wonder begins… I think that may be what I am doing here.

This is a looooooong process….. working on that.  Sometimes.

Shoes and boots…. YES!




What does it all mean??  ( and who is that nice lady in the middle in the pretty dress??)

Do you have a vision board?  Send me photos!!!  I would love to see and post them for others to see!!!