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When I think about my days, my life, my plight, I often think that it’s kinda Crazy

See how crazy we are??     Photo by: Diane Jensen-Rucker   www.finickygirl.com

I know that I have two amazing boys and that they are not “difficult” most days (let’s not forget about my “spirited” child though…).  That being said, I often find myself thinking ” what the heck am I doing?  This is so crappy…” as my day unfolds.

As moms, we go about our days, pouring our heart and soul into these amazing little people in hopes that someday, when they too become parents or adults, they will be good people with great values and maybe, just maybe, they will have some appreciation for all of our “work” as an added bonus.

As Brent is walking in the door at the end of the day, there are days when I throw my hands in the air (literally!) and say ” your turn!” because I am so spent that I cannot stand another minute.

Can you believe that I will choose to do dishes after dinner just so that I can get a “break”?


I can honestly say that even though there are so many days when I think being home with the kids is not all flowers and butterflies, when I drop into bed at the end of the day (and I do mean DROP into bed!)…

I am totally thankful for the craziness.

What craziness are you thankful for?