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From my gluten-free test kitchen, I give to you….

Gluten-free sandwich bread that actually tastes like sandwich bread!!

I have tried several bread recipes over the course of the last couple months and since my boys can not give up SB & J (sunflower butter and jelly) sandwiches, I had to find something that resembled bread rather than a brick.

The bread recipe in my cookbook was pretty good, but I found that it just didn’t want to rise and become fluffy, no matter how nice I talked to it.

I went in search of a bread recipe online that desolved the yeast in warm water prior to mixing.  In my unofficial opinion, this is why the other bread wouldn’t rise.  It seems to me that with most bread recipes (except in my breadmaker, I guess), you get the yeast working and active right away.  I sound like I know what I am talking about huh??

When I first tried this recipe, and the dough rose up to the top of the pan, I knew I had a winner!  Alas!!

                                               Check out the fluff!

                                   The slices are almost normal sized! 

I know you are wondering why I am holding out on you!  I found the recipe here at Glutenfreecookingschool.com.  Thank you so much for saving the SB & J sandwich!(formerly the PB &J before the peanut-free situation)

Happy Friday!