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Food is a big theme for me (as you may have noticed….). I am immersed in the topic not only because of our recent dietary endeavours, but because it has always been a love and enemy of mine personally.

Growing up, I struggled with my weight and it is still constantly in the forefront of my mind.  I know, having gone through years of dissatisfaction with my weight and body that a lot of the obesity crisis at least among adults is not at all about food.  The food and the weight are a symptom of many emotional issues that often plague us.

Whether it is related to family, past hurts, financial stress, the list goes on and on, what we eat and how much is directly related to our emotions.

But what is going on with our kids?  Are we as a society raising kids who are emotional eating too? Why is childhood obesity such a big issue right now?  Has it always been?  Or are we just starting to pay attention? 

I am constantly aware of how my emotional issues related to eating are being passed down to my kids.  It is wild to think about how much they see and hear from us that we do not even notice.

As moms, if we give birth to our babies, we get the added bonus of gaining several pounds during pregnancy, at least if you are me.  I gained 55 lbs. with Brayden and a whopping 75 lbs with Maddox- talk about an eating extravaganza!

I will never forget the day I went to the doctor during my pregnancy with Brayden and for the first time the scale tipped over the 200 lb. mark.  I cried.  It was such a big deal to me. 

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I felt that somehow that number on the scale was some type of reflection of my success or failure; and more so for me at the time something to feel shameful about.  It seemed like I had gone to a place of no return and through my head ran thoughts of a continued battle that I would possibly never win.

Over the months following Brayden’s birth, ok, the years following Brayden’s birth- slowly but surely the pounds came off.  With a little help from Weight Watchers for the last 15 lbs. and my own motivation, I actually got down to 155 lbs. – my lowest weight to date.   So when I hit the number and the very next week the pregnancy test said Maddox was on the way, I decided that maybe I was just not meant to be 155 lbs. and that is what I still tell myself today since I haven’t seen that weight since.

It goes without saying I am sure; I like food.  But didn’t’ I already mention that?? I mean I don’t think that I can quite justify gaining 75 lbs in my second pregnancy unless my baby weighed like 25 lbs.!  {In case you are wondering he was 7lbs. 13oz. of spit fire.}  I did find myself duped the second time around because since I was able to ditch the weight the first time, I assumed it would be the same the second time.  Wrong!   But I will tell you, there were no tears at the scale with Maddox in the womb.  In fact I think my exact words were “bring it on; the baby is hungry for some dessert”.

But the whole point of all of this is the question about food…

Do we spend too much time and emphasis on our food? 

Does our way of focusing so much on food (either good or bad) lead to some type of obsession about our bodies and worse lead our children to bad habits, emotional eating, or worse body image issues??

I sometimes wonder if all the attention that I give to our food and healthy eating could backfire on me…is that possible?