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Often times I get these wild hairs and decide on a whim that I need a change!  I am so like that.  I will be looking around and just like that it hits me- this needs to be changed. 

I am not one of those people who has a hard time with change in general.  I am constantly changing my hair ( I think I have had every cut, color and style, even the pixie cut- not my finest moment…), moving my furniture and painting ( or wanting to).

This was no different.  About three weeks ago, I was sitting in our playroom (or dungeon at the time) playing with the kids when I looked around and thought:

Ahhhh…aqua and white, yes.

Since our move to Oregon, I have been really felt the need for our home to be “light and bright”.  In fact the first home we lived in, we weren’t able to see in person before the moving van arrived and after one year, I needed to move to another place that felt more cheery.. which we did.  I am such a spoiled brat sometimes!  But although moving was a pain and Brent wasn’t super excited about the concept, we are all so much happier now that we are here.  Anywho… I digress… again.

Given that we rent our home (a long story for another post, or seven) I really have to be convincing if I am going to enlist Brent in a project for home improvement.  So I put on my cutest jeans and long sleeve t-shirt, made a really fabulous tasty dinner and approached him with my most seductive bedroom eyes.  I always start the conversation like this:

Me: ” I love you honey.”

Brent: ” I love you too.”

Me: ” So I’ve been thinking…”

Brent: “Uh Oh, you know that scares me…”

And so it goes.  I then tell him what I have been thinking, in this case ” Aqua and white…” and then I tell him I will do it all by myself and I just need his blessing ( which is totally a cry for help….).

He goes for it every time!!  So that is when our joint project begun!

Oh My.  What a change!

I guess cleaning up a little helps too….

The space just feels more alive and happy, I love it.   I think everyone does!

What will you change in your space to feel good?