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 I have this reoccurring dream…

I am in my hot pink mesh tank top.  I have my matching hot pink headband with my hair coming down around the sides.  I am wearing my bright blue pants with the lime green waistband and my shoes have every electric shade to match (they are special shoes just for this occasion…).  Did I mention I only have on a sports bra under my mesh tank top and I look smokin’ H. O. T.

The music begins; it is loud.  I am starting to feel the beat and I am mouthing the words to the song, in Spanish.  I start shaking my behind… (my firm, tight behind that moves together as I move from side to side, back to front and every which way in between!)

1…..2….3…. ZUMBA

Yes.  This is what I look like in my dream.  H.O.T.  and my hair has grown like 10 inches and is flying around everywhere!

photos: thedancersshop.co.uk

Then I wake up…but I really did feel the beat and my body really did move in every direction I wanted it to, on the beat! {in my dream, that is.}

My train came back to the station today and I did go shake my behind at Zumba today!  Sometimes a good booty shake just calls to me.  It seemed like the perfect thing to get my train moving again.

I find Zumba to be absolutely hilarious and fun.

You just can’t help but smile all the way through it.

I love to watch the instructor in her mesh tank top and matching headband mouthing the words to every song while shaking everything.

I love to watch the woman in the corner seeming to have a sexy dance party all by herself.

I love to watch the awesome woman in front with her sunglasses on hitting every move perfect.  Did I mention she is like in her 60’s?  Awesome.

I can only imagine what they love watching about me – yikes!  I know it is said that nobody watches anyone else… but come on, I totally do!  Hate to break it to ya.

I think they should make a SNL or Portlandia skit about Zumba, that would be a complete and total crack up.  Maybe they already have??

***Note to self: When doing Body Pump, the tight workout pants work ok due to the lack of shaking and the fact that your muscles actually look pretty good after lifting a ton of weights for an hour.  Probably want to wear the baggy pants to Zumba so as not to literally see everything shake in the HUGE mirror in the gym fitness room… 

 I think I need a hot pink headband.

What is calling you today?