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EWS Freight Train

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Life can be a ride.  You hop on the train, it starts to go and you get into a rhythm.  One after the other, the wheels start turning and you get into a routine.

Things just go.

And then, one thing happens (or a few things all at the same time, in my case) and I am completely derailed. 

I just can’t seem to get my train back on the tracks.

I was doing so well.  I was at the gym 5 days per week.  I would take Brayden swimming Wednesdays, Maddox on Thursdays.  We were doing homework, cooking dinner, I even ( brace yourself here) had the laundry all folded, and put away…

*Warning…Minor Pity Party oncoming…

Maddox got a Migraine (first thing) that lasted a whopping 6 days (longest in our history), Brent got back from his trip and ended up having to have a sigmoidoscopy (second thing) and is now on steroids for the Ulcerative Colitis, I didn’t sleep (third thing), and we had our tax appointment (fourth thing) that didn’t quite go as I had hoped.

Now, one and a half weeks later:

1. I have not seen the inside of the gym

2. The boys have not seen the swimming pool

3. Laundry baskets are now scattered about my bedroom

4. I am a mess…

Ok over the complaining now…

Today is the day.  I am going to the station and getting back on the train.

How do I get completely derailed so quickly??

How do you stop yourself from getting completely off track when life happens?