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As a follow-up to the topic of food ( I am always thinking about food if you haven’t noticed!) I tried a couple new recipes last week that were pretty darn good!

You know how there is always good news and bad news?  So here I have the “on the bandwagon” and “off the bandwagon” recipes…

Let’s start with the “off”, because really that is the good stuff!!

“Bad Girl” recipe of the week:

It was staff appreciation last week at Brayden’s school and several parents will volunteer to bake something to leave in the teachers lounge for the day.  So for me, that totally translated into: Bake something gluten-filled, with chocolate and filled with fat.  That’s how you would translate it too right?

In my mind, if it’s for teacher appreciation, I can make it, taste it (maybe a couple of tastes- have to make sure it is good…) and then send it off.  No guilt about the chocolate and also wont make the Migraine boys feel bad having it sit in the house.  Good plan.

So.. as you also know, I am loving Pinterest.  I saw this recipe for Carmelitas (click for recipe here) and knew that I just had to make them, if even just for a little nibble.

This is how it starts…

Cream and Carmel…. Heaven.

Then you melt some butter, add oats, brown sugar, blah blah… ( the recipe is obviously more detailed)…then chocolate, caramel, more butta baby.  OH MY…

Bake it up, let it cool….

   Need I say anything??  (Except I wish I had one of those super fancy camera’s so that you could really see the goodness that is the Carmelita…)

** Tiny side note, I doubled the cookie and chocolate part of the recipe and kept the amount of caramel the same.  That’s just the kind of girl I am.  But really the reason is because as I started to make it, I realized that I needed to make a 9×13 amount and hadn’t actually read to the bottom of the recipe where it says ” for 9×13 double the recipe”.  So I only had 32 caramel squares… It came out perfect in my mind though!  So if you are like me and don’t quite pay super close attention and find yourself scrambling at the last-minute, you will be fine with this amazing recipe!

Now for the “good girl” recipe of the week…

Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche with a brown rice crust (recipe here)

I will find that there are many a night where I need to make dinner quick and use the things that I just happen to have on hand.  If you are like me, you like to stretch the grocery shopping to the very last-minute.  I would say grocery shopping is not on my “things I totally hate doing”, but not my favorite either ( unless I get to do it alone!).

This recipe was great because all I needed was eggs, cheese, milk, brown rice, broccoli and seasonings which I usually have on hand.  I figure if you don’t have the broccoli, you could use any type of veggie or even bacon, ham or chicken.

Long story, but it was easy, fast and tasted great!

It was great for lunch the next day and originally it was posted as a breakfast recipe!

I wasn’t sure if the crust would hold up, but it really did.  I will make this again!

Two great successes this week… stay tuned for the next installment of the recipe file!  I made a new gluten-free bread recipe a few days ago and I have to make it one more time before I share…

Can you just wait??  I know the suspense must be just killin ya!