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In previous posts, I have mentioned my desire to be more “zen”, to try to rejuvinate myself (which seems so hard sometimes!) and embark on this journey to dietary transformation for the sake of trying to help eliminate Maddox and Brent’s Migraines as well as the symptoms of Brent’s Ulcerative Colitis.

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I started doing some yoga, tried to replenish my body with a bunch of crazy veggies,  eliminated gluten and processed foods, acupuncture, and I am still in search of other ways to “zenify” myself.

Not only have I jumped on the Zen bandwagon, but because I happen to be the cook, shopper, researcher, and CFO of the family, those lucky guys get to join me!  I guess that is one of the great parts of having so many jobs… control.  Whaahahaaa.

The problem:

It is so hard to stay on the bandwagon! 

I am like an addict in need of bleached white flour, and bread and double americano’s with two pumps of white mocha!  Not to mention at the drop of a hat, I decide to table the gym for the day to accept a coffee date- just like that…

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And just as fast as I am on the bandwagon, I am off of it once again.

Previous to all the diagnoses, we were really healthy eaters.  I wouldn’t say our dietary transformation is due to a lack of being healthy before, but just new eating with a new purpose.  And for me, trying to find balance and peace and really start to like my body.

I suppose being a control freak helps in some ways.   I am constantly reading books about how to control our diets for all of our ailments, not to mention, try to keep cancer and other horrible illnesses from taking hold of our precious bodies.  I have recently read several fabulous books that address our bodies and why it is so important to feed ourselves quality foods that are alkaline and have healing qualities. Sounds intriguing right?

Most of the books I have read advocate a vegan, gluten and dairy free diet.  Although I totally believe that it would be amazing to go that route, I am not going to go there, but I definitely plan to continue to make a major shift in our diets ( at least at home!).

This experience has been really interesting to me, not only because I am an absolute LOVER of food, but I have also always been fascinated by nutrition.  So it is natural that I would look to the kitchen to make me feel like I could possibly have some type of control when it seems like so many people are being affected by Cancer.  Even in our own home my husband is having to take medication three times per day.

But sometimes I wonder if this is all in vain.

Do we really have control over whether Cancer, Colitis, Migraines or any other disease takes hold of our bodies?

I would like to believe that we do.  I would like to believe that what we put in our bodies can make a significant impact, but when the Western doctors tell you otherwise, what do you believe?

Have you had any experiences where diet significantly impacted your health or circumstances?  What would you believe?

Here are some of the books I have read:

Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr

AntiCancer- A New Way of Life  by David Servan-Schreiber  MD PhD

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

Food for thought…