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When I wrote the post last week about Brent’s grandpa, it allowed me to really reflect on my hero (my mom) and how as mothers, and women, we are potentially heroes to our children and all of those who we come into contact with.  

I would love for my blog to not only be a way for me to touch others with my experiences and story, but I really feel that there are so many others that have an amazing and inspiring story to tell.

I am hoping to spotlight many different Heroes- different angles, stories, and styles.  Everything that makes us heroes everyday.

It would only be appropriate for me to begin with my personal hero right?

So here is a little excerpt from my mommy aka: Bubbie

My beautiful, accomplished, jewelry making daughter asked me to tell my story in a few paragraphs.  She inspires me everyday. 

At age 5, I decided to become a teacher.  I never remember considering anything else as I travelled through my education.  I even belonged to Future Teachers of America in High School. 

I guess women in those days were either teachers or nurses and I followed right along.  I think my family thought wife and mother was the real goal and the University thing was just the road to that end. 

I can remember my dad asking me “what happened?” when I actually finished my fifth year at UCLA,  got my life credential to teach, and had no husband. 

They were pretty worried, but finally on the brink of being an old maid, I married at 25.  {I guess it’s relevant to say that my family, with me in tow as a 21 month old, came to this country in 1948 after WW2}  They had old world ideas; that became my challenge.  Talk about inspiring (but that’s another post).  

 It turns out that being a mother is the best thing I did in my life even though I was pretty old (30) when I realized that dream. 

Imagine, an only child having an only child (fortunately I had good friends).

I worked full time and worried about not staying home with her.  I was a single parent and worried about how that would be for her.  Now I worry about being so far away from her. 

Here’s the thing that came to me while I was in the shower……

I had goals for the kind of person I wanted to raise and the kind of parent I wanted to be.  I wanted my daughter to be strong, be able to think for herself, support herself, be sensitive and compassionate.  I wanted to be a mother who listened, judged each situation as it came, and loved unconditionally. 

Now we can enjoy each other in the closest friendship that has transcended just a mother daughter relationship.  When I look back at my personal road, I feel accomplished and at ease with my choices, my struggles, and my daughter. 

My biggest compliment is knowing that she sees me as an inspiration and my life can be seen, to her, as an example.  That is a great success.  I did ok.”

Good stuff.

Happy Friday!