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For the holidays this year, I asked the boys for something really special.  I think that I wanted these not only for me, but for Brent as well.  You see, when I walk in the door at the end of a long day, all I want to do is take off my “uniform” ( Jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt…) and put on my comfies, as I lovingly call them.

My comfy pants, purchased circa 2000 or so, had really reached their end, but I just loved them soooo much!  Brent lovingly referred to them as my saggy butt pants, sexy huh?

So as a favor to my entire family, I asked Brent and the boys to get me some new comfies for the holidays.  Boy did they do great!!!

Here are my new comfies, now lovingly referred to as my fuzzies!

Oh my!  These are the best!  The only problem is that I think about them ALL DAY.

They call to me.



They call to me from the drawer in the morning when I am having to put on my jeans.

They call to me from the laundry hamper when they are buried under a ton of other clean wrinkled clothes.

Warm, fuzzy, goodness… so hard to resist.

When I am wearing my fuzzies, every time Maddox is in my vicinity, he cannot help himself – he must rub his little hand on my pants…

Who says a mom in fuzzy pants isn’t irresistible?

These pants are so wonderful, that I even parted with my old pair of blue tattered snowflake jammie pants… this is big.

I think Brent is just glad that he can actually make out the shape of my butt in the fuzzy pants, that is once you get past the zebra print and polka dots!

See what happens when you set the bar so low?  He thinks the fuzzy pants are the best thing since sliced bread 🙂

Imagine me right now, sitting at my computer, typing this post in my purple zebra fuzzy pants and an equally obnoxious bright aqua sweatshirt…warm, comfy, irresistible.  Love.

If you ever see me in my fuzzy pants out in public, however, please call my husband and report me;  that will be the day it has gone too far.

What is calling you today?