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Thought I would throw a random Sunday post out there- yee haw!  (that just came out of nowhere…I was just so moved!)

I was able to spend some time in my workshop yesterday with my two favorite jewelers.  I even get help making jewelry, aren’t I the luckiest lady?  I wanted to share a few of the pieces we worked on as the writing I have been doing has inspired my work in the shop too!  Amazing how a little push will send you flying…

When we moved to Portland last year, we heard that there was a show called Portlandia that was a funny spoof on the area.  We started watching it thinking we could get to know the culture here;  there are so many skits that are so funny and so spot on!

When we saw this skit last week, Brent and I were completely in stiches – you will see why!

I am that gal!!  How hillarious is that!

Here are my latest gems… ha!

I might have to keep this one since I am so inpired and all…

Head over to my etsy shop for a closer look!

I also thought I would share Brayden’s first handstamped piece.


Happy Sunday!