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My gluten-free, chocolate-free, peanut-free adventure has landed me in my kitchen. Good for me that I have two great helpers!

Because of all my help, my thirty minute scone making project today turned out to be an hour and half of good (not so) clean fun!

I have been using a variety of Bob’s Red Mill flours to make up the unique flour blend in my amazing Gluten Free Cookbook ” Artisanal Gluten- Free Cooking” by Kelli Bronski and Peter Bronski.  ( www.artisanglutenfree.com)

There are a bunch of great recipes on their website and the cookbook is a worthwhile purchase.  I hope to get so good in the kitchen that I can make up my own unique recipes to actually share with you!

In their recipe book, Kelli and Peter have a recipe for Chocolate Chip Scones.  Of course given our unfortunate chocolate situation, we use carob chips.  Today, I didn’t have any carob chips ( or vanilla…) so we did our own variation.  Drumroll please….

Almond Blueberry Scones!

The boys have a blast mixing it up, mashing with their hands and cutting the shapes out with pizza cutters.

Pour in the heavy whipping cream…yes, heavy

Mix it up by hand.  Super sticky.  That is a gluten-free thing, seems to be standard issue with all gluten-free recipes from what I can tell.

Slice those bad boys up.  The control freak in me finds this part really challenging.  The lack of uniformity amongst scones really gets me, but I fought my inner battle and just encouraged away…

 You see what I mean?

Twenty minutes later, Voila!  According to my boys and Brent, these are the BEST scones they have ever had.  For the last month and a half, I have made these scones every week and although the recipe makes quite a bit, they do not last more than two days around here!

I suppose my Gluten-free Chef Extraordinaire hat fits pretty well for the moment.

Whew… thank goodness.

Has anyone travelled down the gluten-free road? I would love cookbook and recipe suggestions!

Happy Friday!  I look forward to sharing more adventures next week!