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You know how the saying goes when you are a mom and stressed out about something that you think your kid will NEVER get…

“He won’t be in high school wearing diapers, relax”

I wasn’t so sure about that.  I was starting to think that Maddox might actually go to High School in diapers, or depends really (he is a big boy…).

That was evident from yesterday’s post when I went back a few weeks in my digital journal!


This weekend we had the day we had been desperately waiting for (hoping for, crossing our fingers for, doubting it would ever come…)!  Our big underwear celebration at IKEA!   What??  I know, sounds weird right?

  photo courtesy of my iphone

The last time I took Brent to the airport for a business trip, I took the boys and we stopped off at IKEA to check things out.  They have a little play place for the kids where you can take them in for an hour (for free!) and do your shopping in peace and quiet.. Well kinda quiet, it is IKEA after all…

So we get up to the front of the line after waiting for at least 15 minutes and the lady checking us in says “ he is not wearing pull ups right?”  (about Maddox of course).  And, being the super honest person that I always am, I just cannot tell a lie.  (Who was that president??)

So I then have to drag my (now screaming) 45 pound, pull up wearing child away from the line and try to explain to him that he cannot go in.  Maybe I should have read the bold print that clearly states NO PULL UPS ALLOWED…details, details…

So my promise to Maddox was that when he ditched the pull ups and started wearing big boy undies, we would make a special trip to IKEA for him to play in the play land- hence the underwear extravaganza!

  again… my iphone.  The excitement is contageous huh?

So I have been keeping it to myself all week, while doing dances of joy inside, but Maddox has worn big boy undies all week with no accidents!!!     < Interject the hallelujah tune here >

I wonder if we are the only parents that were so utterly thrilled to be done with the diapers that it led us to have an Undie Extravaganza…  ??

I suppose when things seem like they will never change, or the road ahead seems neverending (like it did three weeks ago), we have to always remember that these moments (or days, weeks, even years) are short snipets in time.  It is always a reminder to keep it all in perspective.  Easier said than done!

Oh my goodness… I thought the day would never come.  Miracles do happen

  I do consider myself an iphone photographer… my talent is just showcased with my ability to capture such genuine excitement 🙂  ha!