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Good Day!!  Another morning off to a running start!

Here are the hats I wear in my family, which I assume most stay-at-home moms do.  This is not to say that my husband is not an equal partner or that I do not get help with these jobs, but at the end of the day (because my husband works 10 hours per day) I do many of these things:





Cook- oh did I mention that one twice??

Personal Shopper

Researcher of all things (web M.D. expert, Google diagnostic expert)


What hats do you wear in your family?

My goal is to sort it all out… explore my roles, put them in their places and at the end of it all hope to find my calling and of course balance.  Time for taking care of number one has to be a priority too, because I don’t know about you, but how can I keep this all up without some rejuvenation?  But how do I revitalize and rejuvenate?  Geez…. So many questions!

To toot my husband’s horn for a little bit- (get your mind out of the gutter dirty girl!) he is AMAZING.
Sometimes I feel like pinching myself that I married a man who completely knows me and loves me with all my craziness and more amazing I actually think some of my craziness is what he loves about me.  So this is not intended at all to be a husband-bashing fest or a “poor me” commentary, but rather a real look and exploration into the world of a woman really wanting to make a valuable contribution.

Let the fun adventure begin!