What day is it??


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So I knew it was bound to happen.

At some point, although I keep taking my photos and acknowledging my daily gratitude, I knew life was going to sweep me away and I would lose track of the day and the blog posts.

It happened.

I do have a great excuse though…

Last week after a month of excruciating back pain.  I finally got to see the Neurosurgeon.

That was Wednesday.

Friday, I had back surgery.   

Sounds horrible, but really it was such a blessing.    I am SO grateful to be out of pain and healing and recovering.

So… in the interest of writing a short{ish} post, I thought  I would share my photos from the last week and get back on track!

My one caveat: I am on pain meds, so forgive me if this is a bit disjointed…  :)


Papa built us a new table for the kitchen!  Perfect fit!


Brayden gave this to Maddox when he was sick last week ” feel better soon”… I found it in Maddox’s bed while he was sleeping one night… awww


Updating Brayden’s room with a Star Wars theme… gotta love the clock from Ross for $7.  I love a bargain…


Reading with Brayden for Oregon Battle of the Books.  It is time that I absolutely cherish.  The book is interesting… hmmmm.


Fresh caught Steelhead that my wonderful coworker Amy brought us.  We ate it the day after it was caught!  


Comfort food… fake, processed… need I say more.  I do believe it was organic though :)


Watching my confident boy compete in the Battle of the books.  


View from my hospital bed.  My hubby who spent the night by my side.   Of course with his cell phone in hand…  tee hee


Finally going to catch some zzz’s after over a month with no sleep!


Delicious dinners from friends who are taking such great care of our family.


A full fridge…. Thanks to Jodi, Kim, Tara, Catherine, Heather, Caroline, and Andrea.  Such wonderful friends and support.    <3


I am healing well and feeling so much better already, so thankful!

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie


Catching Up!! Whew…


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Today is catch up day!  I am coming up for air after a VERY LONG week!  Even though I haven’t posted my photos daily, I have been taking them every day and noticing all the wonderful things around me <3

{Insert brief moment of pity party… } Maddox had a fever for 4 days!  Brayden felt like shit for about 6 days with a horrible cold.   Between the two boys, Bubbie, Papa, Daddy and I were doing a lot of hanging out at home while trying to balance our workloads at the office.  It was definitely a lot easier to manage illness before being a full time working mom.   Thank goodness for my parents being close by!!!


This is Maddox on Day 3 with 103.3 temp… pretty perky for a super sick cutie…

{ Last part of the pity party coming up now…}  To top it all off, my steroid injection totally didn’t work and I have been in excruciating pain.  But the good news is that after calling the after hours doctor last night and getting a steroid burst prescription, I am feeling some relief!!!  YIPEE!!   I am really hoping to sleep tonight, how awesome would that be???

Anywho, moving on to my thankful photos….

This is sure a long catch up post!  I’ll keep the rest short and sweet.

Day 27:  

A few months ago,my mom and the boys went to an art show at benefitting The Audubon Society of Portland.   We love going to look at everything and typically it ends there.  Not because there are not amazing artists out there, but mostly because buying fine art is not my priority right now.

But I couldn’t leave this piece…


It totally grabbed me and enraptured me and I had to have it!

I am not typically a huge animal person, especially not a bear person, but for whatever reason, I had to have it!

Linnea Tobias had some amazing work and it just felt so happy.

Papa made the frame and I hung my picture right at the bottom of the stairs.

I love walking by it everyday…  doesn’t he just make you smile? 

Day 28:

I think that I have previously mentioned that I absolutely LOVE snuggles…


This is my view when getting some seriously awesome snuggles from my Brayden.

Nothing more to say.   It is just heaven for this mama.

Day 29: 

My dream is to have a beautiful yard, front and back.   A place where my friends and family can sit and enjoy and be together surrounded by beauty.

Today I saw the first sprouts of the spring bulbs.   Those are my fav.


What a fun time of year.  Here they come and hopefully the sun will return too!!

Day 30: 

Sometimes I don’t know if we have any idea how much a thoughtful gesture means to someone.

Every month, I have the pleasure to get together with a great group of ladies.  We have been doing this for 2 years now.  We all met when the kids were in school together and even though we have moved and my boys go to a different school, I still have been able to stay a part of this group.  What a blessing.

There have been good times and not so good times ( the last year for me has been a bit trying) and although I don’t often get to see these women outside of our DWAHC ( dessert, wine and hot chicks) night, they are still such a wonderful, supportive part of my life.

Because of the not so awesome nature of my week this past week, I just couldn’t muster up the energy to go to DWAHC last night.  { insert super sad face here }

The hostess this month, Kim, came by today and delivered the most divine piece of chocolate cheesecake and cabernet.

It was so touched that she would go out of her way to make me feel so special.  It really meant so much to me.

Thank you Kim for such a thoughtful thing.  It really made my day.



What a huge blessing to have such amazing friends…

Wow!!!  That was a biggie!! 

How was your week??

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie






Day 26…oh man.


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I have to admit.  Today was a tough one.

This project is great because even on tough days, it makes you find something to smile about.  Even if it’s just for a split second.

I really had to reach today…

As I was sitting here trying to figure out what in the world I was going to photograph today, I was enveloped in the wonderful scent called “ Zen Thyme“.

Not only the scent makes me happy, but when I think about it, it reminds me to try to find my zen…  { not so easy today…}


My warmer is on and the zen is streaming through the house…


With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie


Day 25


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Coming from California, I don’t think I appreciated the sun very much.    It was kind of a normal thing, year round.


When it’s sunny….

It time to do a  happy dance!  Especially in January!



I was so grateful for the sun!

Oh sun, how I have missed you….

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie


Day 24 {Finally!}


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It was a morning to cherish!

For weeks, I have been unable to sleep because of my back.  So, I would wake at 3am, toss and turn, and then finally get out of bed at 4:30 or 5am.   Yikes.

I have always loved staying in bed on the weekends and enjoying listening to my guys downstairs while I read books.  But that has been no fun lately since being in pain.


Today, when I rolled over this morning, this is what I saw!


Hallelujah!!!!   I was SO pumped, and SO grateful!!

Then, I came downstairs to see this…


Love it.

What could be a better Sunday morning?

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie


Day 23 {also written on day 24}


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I am a competitive gal.

There is nothing that brings out my competitive side more than watching my kids play sports.

You know that contract that they make all the parents sign at the start of the sports season… that might have been made for me.    Just kidding.

Well it might be a tad bit true…

I am not rude or unsportsmanlike, but I am definitely into it.

And I could possibly be one of the loudest parents in the crowd ( second only to my husband!)…



Basketball season started yesterday!

I LOVE watching my boys play sports.  So grateful to be on the sidelines.

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie

Day 22 { written on day 24…}


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I can’t describe how priceless it is to have amazing neighbors.

I am SO grateful to live in an area with such awesome people surrounding us and even more thankful that we share a fence line with possibly one of the most amazing friends and neighbor a girl could have.


As I drive down my street at night, I feel like we landed here for a reason.  In fact, I know we landed here for a reason.

Great neighbors are such a wonderful part of being home.

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie





Thankful times 3.. Day 19, 20 and 21


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What a week!

Day 19: 

So nice to have a “go to” restaurant!  Kinda like Cheers, they know our names, our order, and always greet us with a smile.

On the nights when I don’t want to cook, or do dishes, Allans Authentic Mexican Restaurant is “our place”.


So thankful for a night off!


Day 20:

Thank goodness it’s over!!


Had my epidural steroid injection today and it wasn’t as bad as last time… whew!

I should know in about a week if it will help and give me relief from this back pain…. fingers crossed!!

I am just SO glad it is over!!


Day 21:

Everyone needs a little crazy in their life… my crazy (or one of them!) is in the form of a little 18 pound hyperactive, but adorable puppy.


I mean, look at that face!  Can you believe that she is a complete nut job?

Well believe it! 

She is such a hyper pup, but I love her to bits!  <3

Thankful for her crazed cuteness today!

Where is your “go to” place?  What is your kind of crazy??

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie



Day 18


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I love a clean house.

It doesn’t happen too often around here, and when it does, it is super short lived.

I love it for the fleeting moment that I have it and today, my house was clean.


My colorful candleholders look so happy!


Then tomorrow, about 5 minutes after the troops awaken,  it will all be just like a dream.

But for now, I can smell the clean and there is not a lego in sight.  :)

What makes you happy?

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie



Day 17


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Have you ever just looked at something and felt a sense of peace wash over you? 

I bet you are guessing that I have.


Last summer we were in California for a family wedding.  It was one of the BEST vacations we have ever had.  We had the privilege to stay at a family members beautiful beach home and spend the week together.  It felt like heaven on earth…

We were downtown cruising through the shops and we came across a little shop with a bunch of eclectic trinkets and of course the boys wanted some little statue of an animal or something.

We got to talking with the shop owner and it turned out it was the 50th year that he had been in business there!  He started talking about some of the pieces in his shop.

When he got to Ganesh  he said he stood for ” Nothing is impossible, everything is possible”.  

I had to buy it.  

He has been sitting on my nightstand ever since.

Since then, I have come across two other  symbols that serve as a reminder to remain balanced simply because looking at them made me feel at peace.

I wasn’t sure what they were… until the other day.

{ I figured if I was starting a collection of them, I should probably do some research and figure out what they were exactly… I mean, I knew they were some type of Buddhist figure, but didn’t know the specifics…}


They are Gautama Buddha.  What is interesting is that the position of their hands are meaningful.

The Mudra ( or hand position) of the green one is symbolic for “meditation and contemplation” and the dark one is significant for “protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear”

It is so interesting to me that intuitively I chose the figures that would be the most significant to me without even knowing…

Today I am grateful for feeling peace and contentment. 

What brings you peace?

signature Debbie



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